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Bengaluru | Jul 10, 2020
Post-COVID school education: Build new walls rather than plugging holes

Here are some directions that the school curriculum could take in the coming year

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Chennai | Jul 9, 2020
Researchers discover a new species of ribbon worm from Chennai’s Kovalam beach

Tetrastemma freyae [Image credits: Mohandhas S Vignesh]

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Bengaluru | Jul 8, 2020
Simple tips can help people identify online fake news, shows study

A recent study has shown that imparting digital literacy can help people identify online fake news. The study, involving researchers from the United States of America, the United Kingdom and India, conducted surveys in the United States and India, where online fake news has become rampant in past years.


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Bengaluru | Jul 7, 2020
Cultivating millets could be a way forward for achieving food security in India

A study by a team of international researchers has suggested that diversifying crop production in India to include cereals like millets and sorghum could be a sustainable way forward. 

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Dehradun | Jul 6, 2020
Small but significant: Counting India’s elusive small cats

Rusty-spotted cat ((Prionailurus rubiginosus) [Image Credits: David V Raju / CC BY-SA]

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Bengaluru | Jul 2, 2020
Partner or perpetrator: Understanding the causes and consequences of intimate partner violence in adolescents

Numb, bruised and in pain, she tried getting up. It was a cold night, and the hallway was dark. The last thing she remembered was she being pushed down the stairs after an argument about who would do the dishes. The dinner was a happy time. There was her special biryani and his most-liked murgh makhani. Their favourite sit-com was running on Netflix—something they enjoyed from their dating days. They were discussing her thesis and his semester exams—both due in a couple of days. But, it soon turned ugly, nasty and violent.

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Mumbai | Jul 1, 2020
Tracing the origins of Parkinson’s disease

Researchers from the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay (IIT Bombay), National Centre of Biological Sciences (NCBS) Bengaluru, Anna University, Chennai and ETH, Zurich uncover the molecular events that lead up to the formation of protein clusters commonly seen in Parkinson’s disease.


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New Delhi | Jun 30, 2020
Good to Netflix and chill, but why the tobacco still?

Study finds, online streaming platforms flouting tobacco imagery rules.

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Kolkata | Jun 28, 2020
With humans around, dogs on the street tend to be friendlier

Researchers show how free-ranging dogs modify their behaviour and personalities based on our presence in urban areas.


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Pune | Jun 26, 2020
The capers in your pasta are a lot more different than you think

Ever looked at those tiny, green, olive-like capers in your pasta and wondered where they come from? Capers, also called Capparis, is the largest genera in the Capparaceae plant family and consists of around 139 species spread across the tropics. Found in arid habitats, these plants are mostly shrubs, and their flower buds and fruits are widely used as a pickled condiment. In a recent study, researchers from Pune's Agharkar Research Institute (ARI) and China's Zhejiang University have explored the genetic traits of two varieties of capers—spinosa and herbacea

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