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Mumbai | Jul 24, 2018

An interdisciplinary study by scientists from the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay and the Francis Crick Institute, London, United Kingdom, has attempted to understand and model the role of asymmetry in the process of cell division in eukaryotic cells—cells with a nucleus enclosed within a membrane—using the roundworm (Caenorhabditis elegans) embryo. The findings of the study is published in Biophysical Journal.

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Bengaluru | Feb 19, 2018
Photo : Jean-Pierre Dalbéra. CC by SA 2.0

Humans have always been fascinated by symmetry. Many celebrated works of art are appreciated for their symmetry, such as the Vitruvian Man by Leonardo Da Vinci, or Somnathpur temple above. Given the importance of symmetry in our lives, does the brain have a special way of processing symmetric objects?

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